Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Has A New YouTube Channel

Ashlar Lodge No. 3 has a new YouTube channel.

Here is the first video posted on our new YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more videos in future.

Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate
Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate

One thought on “Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Has A New YouTube Channel

  1. This comment is directed to Mark Andersen
    After watching the video about Free Mason history in Nanaimo my interest in the craft is intensified as I have been studying the mine history as well
    And having spent most of my working years bonding stone with concrete have much knowledge about removing it
    I would like to be involved some how in the restoration of the grave of Joseph Foy if only in advice
    Unfortunately I am not a member but this may help me to meet some other good men that are and restore the integrity of history
    Based on the stone it appears the bond may be strong but i haven’t examined the mortar there are many factors
    It looks like the work may require an archeologist type of approach due to the fine detail
    Somehow this seems important to me

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