Masonic Education

Here are some videos on some topics which may be of interest to Masons or prospective Freemasons.

First, something for prospective Freemasons trying to find out what Freemasonry is about. These two short videos from the Grand Lodge of Maryland and the Grand Lodge of Texas will give you the basic ideas behind Freemasonry. Also see our Becoming A Mason page.

This is a video of a private tour of Freemasons Hall in London. The first part is a sit down interview but it moves on to other parts of the building. The tour guide covers a lot of Masonic symbolism and history:

Here is an Australian Freemason giving a lecture on Masonic symbolism:

Here is a presentation about the relationship between Masonic Initiation and the Church of Latter Day Saints’ Initiation ritual:

Here is an interesting academic lecture on Jews In English Freemasonry by Professor Aubrey Newman:

Prince Hall Freemasonry

Music has always been part of Freemasonry. Here’s a video on the History of Masonic Music:

This is an excellent NOVA documentary called Building The Great Cathedrals. It has a lot of fascinating information but check out the Biblical based proportions of Solomon’s Temple on which the documentary says these cathedrals were based:

This is episode 1 of a documentary series, called Secrets of the Castle, about a 25 year project to build a medieval castle.

Among other things, it contains some very interesting Operative examples of stone masons’ tools and techniques upon which some Masonic allegories are based.

Here’s Episode 2

There are Episodes 3, 4 and 5 of Secrets of the Castle on YouTube. We have embedded them on this page in the past but we keep finding these videos are later being removed from YouTube, leaving us with blank screen on this page. We encourage you to look up Secrets of the Castle Episodes 3, 4 and 5 directly on YouTube.

This documentary about the World Heritage Site of Petra, in Jordan, has some excellent examples of Operative Masonry:

Here is a documentary on Chartres Cathedral. Among other points, check out the symbolism explained between 4:45 and 6:50. This documentary also puts forward its theory of the origin of Freemasonry between 21:00 and 23:00. There is an explanation of Masons’ Marks between 45:10 and 45:36.

This is an excellent video called Great Cathedral Mystery about the construction of Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence. It has some very interesting examples of Operative Masonry:

Here is another video on Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence:

KIng Solomon and Solomon’s Temple have a central place in Masonic ritual. Here are some videos on KIng Solomon and the Temple:


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