Upcoming District 5 Events For April & May 2017

Our District Deputy Grand Master, R.W.B. Neil Westmacott, has asked that the following list of upcoming Masonic events in District 5 be circulated to all Brethren. Here is R.W.B. Westmacott’s message:

The following is a summaries of meetings and events occurring within our District over the next months. Would you please circulate this among your Brethren for their information. My thanks in advance.

– April 3 Nanaimo 110 annual Mine Whistle Night, Grand Master in attendance.
– April 4 afternoon. Celebration of life for RWB Floyd Becker.
Doric Lodge EA Degree.
– April 5 Ashlar Lodge regular meeting
– April 8 Manoah 141 Regular meeting
– April 15 Barclay Lodge Installation. Luncheon to preceded installation.
– April 17 Nanaimo 110 regular meeting
– April 18 Doric 18 regular meeting
– April 20 Euclid 158 regular meeting
– May 3 Ashlar 3 regular meeting
– May 10 Bethel 11 Jobs Daughter official visit of Grand Guardian at St John’s Lodge Hall. Dinner to precede meeting. 5:15pm.
– May 10 Barclay 90 regular meeting
– May 13 Manoah 141 installation preceded by luncheon at noon.
– May 15 Nanaimo 110 regular meeting
– May 16 Doric 18 regular meeting
– May 18 Euclid 158 regular meeting

A pretty extensive list, however it affords us the opportunity to enjoy freemasonry and visiting as we proceed toward Grand Lodge in June.

Warm fraternal regards,

R.W.B. Neil Westmacott
DDGM District 5

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