Historic Membership Lists of Ashlar Lodge No. 3

The Grand Lodge of British Columbia was created in 1871. Nanaimo Lodge No. 1090 Grand Lodge of England became Nanaimo Lodge No. 3 under the new Grand Lodge of British Columbia. Caledonia Lodge No. 478 Grand Lodge of Scotland became Caledonia Lodge No. 6 under the new Grand Lodge of British Columbia.

Here are the Membership Lists of Nanaimo Lodge No. 3 and Caledonia Lodge No. 6


Caledonia Lodge No. 6

The Lodge met on the first Monday of each month


John Renwick – Worshipful Master; Styler B. Hamilton – Deputy Master; William McCullough – Senior Warden; John Dick – Senior Warden; Alex. Fraser – Junior Warden; Richard Choak – Treasurer; Peter Martin – Secretary; David Harris – Senior Deacon; William Davidson – Junior Deacon; Henry Jerome – Inner Guard; James Harris – Tyler

Past Masters

Solomon David Levi; William Stewart

Master Masons

George Baker; James Miller Brown; David Frew; Richard George; James Harvey; Isaac Johns; Francis D. Little; Bruno Mellado; Archibald Muir

Entered Apprentices

Richard Williams


Archibald McAllister


Nanaimo Lodge No. 3 and Caledonia Lodge No.6 were amalgamated in 1874 to form Ashlar Lodge No. 3.

The membership lists for 1872-1875 are Under Construction


Meetings were held on the first Saturday in each month at 8 p.m.


William Stewart – Worshipful Master; S.B. Hamilton – Senior Warden; Samuel Drake – Junior Warden; M.B. Clarke – Secretary; T. Lindsay – Treasurer; Mark Bate – Director of Ceremonies; H. Maguire – Senior Deacon; Charles Newton Young – Junior Deacon; C. Colmar – Steward; W. Stewart – Steward; R. Aitkin – Inner Guard; R.O. Beck – Tyler

Past Masters

Mark Bate; James Miller Brown; Robert Burnaby (Hon. Member); John Renwick

Master Masons

James Atkinson Abrams; G. Baker; C. Bennie; George Lewis Bevilockway;  J. Brown; N. Buckley; M. Burnes; J.A. Carstairs; A. Cowie; W.B. Cowling; Ralph Dixon Craig; W. Davidson; John Dick; A. Easson; A.J. Finney; William Flewett; D. Frew; A.S. Gill; J. Gillespie; D. Harris; J. Harris; A.G. Horne; W.A. Horne; W. Q. Hurst; J. Kedello; F.D. Little; J. Mahrer; P. Martin; A. Mayer; W. McCulloch; L.R. McInnes; M. McKenzie; J. McKinley; R.K. McLaughlin; T. Mider; Archibald Muir; A.C. Muir; J. Neill; J. Puetz; E. Quenell; H. Ross; John Sabiston; J.S. Smith; J. Stewart; J. W. Stirtan; J. Tamblyn; J. Trumpler; J. Webb; Carol Novello Westwood; R. Williams;

Fellow Crafts

Eric Barclay McKay


A. McKinley


B. Mellado

The membership lists for 1877-1879 are Under Construction

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