Masonic Death And Funeral Notification – Jim Hutchings and Andy Murray

Ashlar Lodge No. 3 regrets to inform you of the death of Brother Jim Hutchings and R.W.B. Andy Murray.

Both funerals will be held at Yates Memorial Services in Parksville. Jim Hutchings’ funeral will be held on 4 September 2018 and Andy Murray’s funeral will be held on 8 September 2018.

Here is information from W.B. Jason Barudin, the Secretary of Ashlar Lodge No. 3 on funeral services for Jim Hutchings:

Jim Hutchings Funeral

I am passing along this message from the family regarding our brother and member of Ashlar lodge. I will pass off more information as I receive it.

It is with sadness that I let you know that Brother Jim Hutchings passed away this morning.

The funeral will be at Yates Memorial Services, 1000 Allsbrook Road, Parksville, Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. It will be an OES and Masonic service.

Please keep the family in your heart and prayers.

W. Bro. Jason Barudin
Ashlar Lodge #3

Brethren, Our Brother’s sister has requested a Masonic presence at the funeral that is going to be held Sept 4th in Parksville (details were sent earlier today). She has also asked if 6 members would be willing to act as pallbearers – you are willing to do so please send me your name asap so I can pass it on.

Thanks so much,


W. Bro. Jason Barudin
Ashlar Lodge #3

Andy Murray Funeral


The funeral service for our good friend and brother, R.W.B. Andy Murray will be held at the Yates Memorial Service, 1000 Allsbrook Road, Parksville, BC at 1:00 PM Saturday, September 8.

There will be a Masonic portion to the service conducted by the brethren of Euclid Lodge. Aprons may be worn under the coat, no jewels, collars, etc.

Brother Secretaries, I ask that you forward this information to the members of your respective lodges. Thank you.


RWB Neil Westmacott
Worshipful Master
Euclid Lodge 158


Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate
Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate

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