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John William Glaholm (1880-1943) was born 27 October 1880 in Nanaimo, B.C.

Rawlinson & Glaholm Grocery, a heritage building at 437 Fitzwilliam Street, Nanaimo
Rawlinson & Glaholm Grocery, 437 Fitzwilliam Street, Nanaimo. John. W. Glaholm was a member of Ashlar Lodge, No.3

He was a grocer who was involved in a partnership that resulted in the construction of the Rawlinson-Glaholm Grocery building at 437 Fitzwilliam Street, a building which is on the City of Nanaimo Heritage Building Registry (note-PDF).

Here is the Nanaimo Free Press report of his funeral in October 1943:


Friends of the late John William Glaholm, who died last Sunday, taxed the D.J. Jenkins Ltd. funeral chapel to capacity at Wednesday afternoon funeral services.

Among those attending the services, which were conducted by the Rev. Dr. W.C. Western, were members of Ashlar Lodge, No.3, under whose auspices the funeral was held.

Two hymns, ‘Nearer My God To Thee‘ and ‘Abide With Me‘ were sung, with Mrs. F. Vater accompanying on the organ.

Honorary pallbearers were John C. McGregor, William McGregor, Clarence Murphy, Harvey Grant, Walter Frazer and Alvin Brown. Active pallbearers were Justice Gordon Sloan, W.W. Lewis, Arthur Leighton, A.T. Stephenson, Charles Coldwell and George Lincoln.

At the conclusion of the committal services, members of the Lodge formed around the grave while the Worshipful Master conducted the Lodge ritual.

A casket spray from his wife and family was among the profusion of beautiful tributes which bankjed the casket and which were artistically arranged on the floral racks in the chapel and and on the trellis of the driveway.

Interment took place in the family plot, Nanaimo cemetery.”

Source: Nanaimo Free Press, 7 October 1943, from Nanaimo Community Archives files. 

The following article about the Glaholm family appeared in the Nanaimo Free Press in 1949:

“At Old Glaholm Residence

A home and family connection which had remained unbroken for more than a half century was severed today as Mrs. J.W. Glaholm, daughter-in-law of the original builder, moved from the venerable Glaholm residence beside the Court House.

Nanaimo was in its infancy when Thomas Glaholm, grocer and partner in the firm of A.R. Johnson & Co., erected the residence.

Of interest also in the historic lore of Nanaimo is that fact that Mrs. Thomas Glaholm, who resided with him there, was the first white child born in Nanaimo, the daughter of pioneers Mr. and Mrs. John McGregor.

The Glaholm residence, it is estimated, has stood for 60 years. Thomas Glaholm is believed to have come to Nanaimo approximately 80 years ago. He was in the teaming business before his grocery connection.

Since the residence was built it has been occupied by a member of the Glaholm family until today, when Mrs. W.J. Glaholm moved to Townsite, as the old structure has been disposed of to the government for expansion of the Court House.

Four daughters and one son were born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glaholm.

Mrs. Wm. Sloan, mother of Mr. Justice Gordon Sloan, was a daughter, and had she lived she would have been 78 or 79 years of age today. Another daughter is Mrs. Young of Vancouver, wife of a prince Rupert judge. Other daughters were Mrs. Breeze, now deceased, and Mrs. Dan Edgell, who lives in Townsite. The son, W.J. Glaholm, passed away several years ago and his widow still lived in the house until today.

Mrs. Thomas Glaholm was the aunt of Jack McGregor, 150 Skinner Street, a well known authority on Nanaimo’s history, to whom the Free Press is indebted for these details of a venerable landmark.”

Source: Nanaimo Free Press, 1949, from Nanaimo Community Archives files. 

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