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John Warwick (born 1869) was Worshipful Master of Ashlar Lodge, No.3 in 1904.

Here is some basic information about him from Ashlar Lodge, No.3 records:

We contacted the Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario seeking information about John Warwick’s Masonic membership in Ontario and we received the following:

The Grand Lodge of Canada lodge registry number 284 is for St. John’s Lodge No. 284, formed in 1872 in Brussels,  Ontario.

The Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario records show two men named John Warwick as members of St. John’s Lodge, No. 284 in the 1890’s.

John D. Warwick
Certificate No. 39582 – issued June 27, 1891
Age – 24 (in 1890)
Occupation – Veterinarian
Location – Brussels
Initiated – October 21, 1890
Passed – December 22, 1890
Raised – March 24, 1891
Withdrew (Demitted) – January 31, 1893

John Warwick
Certificate No. 43110 – issued November 21, 1893
Age – 23 (in 1893)
Occupation – Farmer
Location – J.P. Morris
Initiated – March 8, 1892
Passed – January 31, 1893
Raised – February 28, 1893
Withdrew (Demitted) – November 22, 1898

Of these two names, the second John Warwick listed is more likely to be the John Warwick who affiliated with Ashlar Lodge No. 3 in 1898. We will do more research to confirm that this was the same person.

When John Warwick made his Petition for Affiliation to Ashlar Lodge on 2 February 1898, a Committee of Investigation was appointed consisting of Brothers Jones, Tait and Carpenter.

We will add more information about W.B. John Warwick as we discover it through additional research.

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