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Members of Ashlar Lodge No. 3 and other Freemasons have been very active in community organizations in the Nanaimo area.

Here are some examples:

Nanaimo Civic Politics

The following Freemasons have served as Mayor of Nanaimo or on Nanaimo Council

Mayors of Nanaimo

Mark Bate;

Here is a link to a page showing the Nanaimo Mayors and Council Mayors 1875-1975

Nanaimo Council Members

George Bevilockway;

Nanaimo Rotary Club

Here is a link to an article by the Nanaimo Rotary Club about “Members To Remember“. It includes the names of several deceased members of Ashlar Lodge No. 3., including Joseph Kneen, William Lewis, Jack Rathlef, Frank Rowbottom, John Shaw.

It also includes Freemasons who were members of other Lodges, including: John Barsby, Carman Browne, Norman T. Corfield, Charles Ironside, Nat Martin.


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