Albert Luandrew (1906-1995) was a blues piano player who performed under the stage name Sunnyland Slim.

He was born in Vance, Mississippi, moved to Memphis, Tennessee circa 1925 and then moved to Chicago where he became a leading blues musician, playing with musicians like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Robert Lockwood Jr., Little Walter.

Sunnyland Slim and Howlin’ Wolf were both Masons. We are currently researching their lodge affiliations.

Here are some sites with more information on Sunnyland Slim: Wikipedia ; Independent (obituary).

Here are some videos of Sunnyland Slim:

This is Sunnyland Slim performing Tin Pan Alley, circa 1966:

This is a 1969 performance with Willy Dixon (bass), Johnny Shines (guitar) and Clifton James (drums)

This is a 1985 performance in Austin, Texas:

This is a 1987 performance in Chicago from a 1987 French documentary:

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