Ashlar Lodge, No.3 had its annual Installation of Officers in December 2016.

The Ashlar Lodge, No.3 Officers for 2017 are:

Worshipful Master: W.Bro. Tim Findlay

Immediate Past Master: W.Bro. Kevin Lamb

Senior Warden: Bro. Tim Mitton

Junior Warden: Bro. Lloyd MacIlguham

Treasurer: Bro. Don Ruggles

Secretary: W.Bro. Jason Barudin


Senior Deacon: Bro. Blair Maleyko

Junior Deacon: Bro. Peter Schoor

Director of Ceremonies: W.Bro. Mark Anderson

Inner Guard: W. Bro. Albert M. Niamath

Tyler: Bro. Richard Mutz

Historian: W.Bro. Mark Anderson

Education Officer: R.W.Bro. Doug Sowden

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