Mozart and Freemasonry

One of the most viewed pages on our Ashlar Lodge, No. 3 website is our page on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Freemasonry. We have noticed that it is on the first page of Google Search for the search terms “Mozart and Freemasonry” and that it has been getting views from all over the world. Thanks to all who have viewed it. We hope it was informative.

We recently noticed that YouTube had removed the videos of Mozart’s Symphonies 39, 40 and 41 which we had originally linked on the page. Symphonies 39, 40 and 41 are considered to have been influenced by Mozart’s involvement in Freemasonry. For a discussion of this, see our page on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Freemasonry.

To rectify this problem, we have found new YouTube videos of these three symphonies and included them on our page on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Freemasonry.

The three new videos are:

Symphony No. 39

Symphony No. 40

Symphony No. 41

We hope you like these selections.

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Freemasonry and the Vancouver Music Scene

We noticed that our page on Hip Hop and Freemasonry has been getting a lot of page views lately.

The Hip Hop and Freemasonry page features Vancouver based musician Moka Only and we have recently become aware of some other Freemasons who are active musicians in Vancouver. So we decided to add a new web page to our site on the topic of Freemasonry and the Vancouver Music Scene.

To increase its potential exposure, we’re also posting it as a blog page, so here it is:

As part of our Music and Masons series, here is a page about Freemasonry among currently active musicians in Vancouver, B.C.

We are currently aware of the following Vancouver, B.C. based musicians who are active Freemasons and members of Masonic Lodges in Vancouver, B.C.

Here is a representative video from each Brother:

Chris Greenfield (Luki Fero), Slice of Vice (2015). Also see the Luki Fero website.

Matt Hoyles, Riverside Blues (2015). Also see Matt Hoyles website.

Moka Only, No . Also see Moka Only on Sound Cloud

If there are any other Vancouver musicians who are Freemasons, please Contact Us or leave a comment below and we can add your information to our Freemasonry and the Vancouver Music Scene page.