Do Any Brethren Need Assistance During These Challenging COVID-19 Times – Let Us Know And We Can Help

Are there any Brethren of Ashlar Lodge No. 3 or any other District 5 Masonic Lodges who are in need of some assistance during these challenging COVID-19 times?

Does anyone need groceries delivered? Prescriptions picked up? Any other assistance?

Please let Ashlar Lodge No. 3 know and Ashlar Lodge members can make that assistance happen.

See our Contact Us page or use the Dialog Box at the bottom of this page. Our Lodge Secretary can be contacted directly at

Ashlar Masonic Temple, Nanaimo, in 2017 (photo: Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Historian)
Ashlar Masonic Temple, Nanaimo, in 2017 (photo: Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Historian)

Worshipful Master’s Message For 2020

Brotherly love, relief and truth, three great tenets that are taken seriously by the members of Ashlar Lodge No.3.

Our aim at Ashlar is to provide a meaningful fraternal experience to those who wish to join us, as well as the Masonic community at large. The growing ranks of younger Masonic applicants has created a more vibrant and exciting trend in freemasonry here on Vancouver Island.

I feel that this trend is for a number of reasons:

  • -curious minds seeking out what the secrets of freemasonry holds for them;
  • a general passion to find fraternal friendships;
  • -the desire to belong to a time honoured order which makes good men better;

From the early days of coal miners and settlers that founded Ashlar Lodge (1873) and its predecessors (1867), to the modern day Freemasons which arrange under our banner today, Ashlar Lodge has stuck tightly to our old traditions. From our Scottish ritual and unique regalia to the heritage building in downtown Nanaimo which we call home. This pride and respect that we hold for Ashlar is meant to translate to the respect that we hold for all Freemasons far and wide.

If you are a Freemason, please come visit us. If you are curious about belonging to our ancient order there is a tab on our homepage that will direct you to make your inquiry.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website.

Come see us in 2020!

WB Tim Mitton
Worshipful Master, Ashlar Lodge No.3 – 2020

Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate
Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate
Ashlar Masonic Temple, Nanaimo, in 2017 (photo: Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Historian)
Ashlar Masonic Temple, Nanaimo, in 2017 (photo: Ashlar Lodge No. 3 Historian)

New Ashlar Lodge, No.3 Officers For 2016

Ashlar Lodge, No.3 had its annual Installation of Officers on 19 December 2015.

The Ashlar Lodge, No.3 Officers for 2016 are:

Worshipful Master: W.Bro. Kevin Lamb

Immediate Past Master: W.Bro. John Bradburne

Senior Warden: W.Bro. Tim Findlay

Junior Warden:

Treasurer: Bro. Don Ruggles

Secretary: W.Bro. Jsason Barudin

Chaplain: Bro. Tim Mitton

Senior Deacon: W.Bro. Mark Anderson

Junior Warden: Bro. Blair Maleyko

Director of Ceremonies: R.W.Bro. Doug Sowden

Inner Guard: Bro. Peter Schoor

Tyler: Bro. Richard Mutz

Historian: W.Bro. Tim Findlay

Education Officer: R.W.Bro. Doug Sowden