Worshipful Master’s Message – 30 January 2019

Here is a new message from the Worshipful Master of Ashlar Lodge No. 3, W.B. Brent Cormack:

Hello and welcome to Ashlar Lodge #3’s website,

Ashlar Lodge is not only Nanaimo’s oldest lodge (152 years) but is also what we like to think of as its most unique and traditional lodge. Unique in that it is a “pattern” lodge in BC and because it retains its original Scottish regalia. Traditional in two respects:

1. Content – the work practiced is “Ancient” and we strive to maintain and uphold its content in its original form. There has never been any countenance for either changes or innovations.

2. Quality – Ashlar is proud of its adherence to a standard of excellence in delivery, in both ritual and protocols. We don’t pretend for a minute that this standard is accomplished through any other means than by hard work, in other words, through copious practice. In terms of our objectives, the words “good enough” don’t often find their way into everyday use at Ashlar.

Why do we do it? In a word – respect.

Respect for our members and visitors, whom we believe don’t make the effort to attend at Ashlar, just to endure mediocre work. Self-respect of our officers who understand that the only reward for their hard work and efforts comes from achievement of our high standards.

Ashlar is in the midst of a surge in membership growth which began last year when we initiated 9 new Masons, and this growth is continuing into this year. Beyond the high volume the most significant and interesting factor in this growth is the age profile of the new initiates – averaging in the early 30s. It’s really beginning to put a younger face on an institution that in the past has had a reputation of only appealing to older men. This is both a welcome and exciting change, one which we embrace whole-heartedly.

Our promise to you – come and visit us at Ashlar Lodge; we’ll do our very best to show you what we believe is the best that traditional BC Freemasonry has to offer.

RR Brent Cormack, Worshipful Master, Ashlar Lodge #3, B.C. & Yukon Register

Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate
Ashlar Masonic Temple entrance gate

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