As part of our Musicians and Masons series, here is a page on Chris Greenfield and Luki Fero.

Luki Fero is a Vancouver based band led by bassist Chris Greenfield, formerly of Lucid Afterlife.

Chris Greenfield is a member of a Masonic Lodge in Vancouver, B.C.

We contacted Chris Greenfield to ask about the connections some musicians have with Freemasonry and and he told us that,

“The video I have out right now is called “Slice of Vice“. It deals with how, I myself have struggled in the past with vices but also how our modern day “pop culture” and “rock culture” seems to glorify this subject without regard to the consequences of substance abuse and addiction. It also leaves a very bad impression on our youth, leading them to believe that substance abuse is the norm.

Freemasonry for me has been a guiding force in how I understand myself and the world around me. I mean, where else can men of all religions, social class status and races congregate together in a group for self and collective knowledge and progression? ”

Here is a Luki Fero video, released in January 2016:

Here are the latest Luki Fero videos, released in June 2016:

Bed Bugs – released June 2016:

For more information on Luki Fero, here is a link to the official Luki Fero website and a link to more information about Luki Fero on

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